[Lynda.com / Deke McClelland] Photoshop CC 2018 One-on-One: Fundamentals [2018, ENG] + Sub (Eng)

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[Lynda.com / Deke McClelland] Photoshop CC 2018 One-on-One: Fundamentals [2018, ENG] + Sub (Eng)

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Photoshop CC 2018 One-on-One: Fundamentals
Год выпуска: 05/02/2018
Производитель: Lynda
Сайт производителя: Photoshop CC 2018 One-on-One: Fundamentals
Автор: Deke McClelland
Продолжительность: 16:24:00
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Описание: Photographers and graphic designers of varying levels of expertise-including professionals, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students-use Photoshop to edit and refine their work. In this course, Deke McClelland takes you on a personalized tour of the basic tools and techniques you can use to make great images and graphics. Deke shows how to open images from multiple sources, change print resolution, crop and straighten images, and customize preferences. He guides you through how to edit images by adjusting brightness and contrast, correcting the colorcast of a photo, and retouching portraits. He demonstrates how to work with layers, leverage the Quick Mask mode, and handle Camera Raw images. He also covers formatting text, printing, preparing web graphics, and more.
Фотографы и графические дизайнеры различного уровня знаний, в том числе профессионалы, любители, энтузиасты и студенты, используют Photoshop для редактирования своих работы. В этом курсе Deke McClelland проводит индивидуальный тур по основным инструментам и методам, которые вы можете использовать для создания отличных изображений и графики. Deke показывает, как открывать изображения из нескольких источников, изменять разрешение печати, обрезать и выправлять изображения, а также настраивать параметры. Он проведет вас по тому, как редактировать изображения, регулируя яркость и контрастность, корректируя цветной снимок фотографии и ретушируя портреты. Он демонстрирует, как работать со слоями, использовать режим быстрой маски и обрабатывать изображения Camera Raw. Он также охватывает форматирование текста, печать, подготовку веб-графики и многое другое.
00 - Introduction
Welcome to One-on-One
Updates to the Photoshop CC 2018 interface
01 - Opening an Image
How it all starts
Opening from the Windows desktop
Opening from the Macintosh Finder
Using the Start screen or Open command
Opening an image from Adobe Bridge
Opening an image in Camera Raw
Closing one image at a time, or all at once
02 - Getting Around
Navigating your image
Zooming in and out
Using the more precise Zoom tool
Five ways to zoom continuously
Entering a custom zoom value
Scrolling (panning)
A few top-secret scrolling tricks
Switching between open images
Rotating and resetting the view
Cycling between screen modes
Using the Navigator panel
Panels and workspaces
Updating a workspace
A few very important preferences
Reassigning Spotlight (Mac only)
03 - Image Size and Resolution
Digital imaging fundamentals
Image size and resolution
Introducing the Image Size command
Common resolution standards
Upsampling vs. real high-resolution data
Changing the print resolution
Downsampling for print
Downsampling for email and photo sharing
The seven interpolation settings
Real-world rules for downsampling
Upsampling with Preserve Details 2.0
04 - Crop and Straighten
Always shoot big
Using the Crop tool
Cropping nondestructively
Rotating and other Crop tool tricks
Straightening a crooked image
Filling in missing background details
Using the Perspective Crop tool
Using Content-Aware Crop
05 - Introducing Layers
The layered composition
Introducing the Layers panel
Converting the flat background to a layer
Customizing the transparency checkerboard
Turning a color photo black and white
Creating a silhouette with Brightness/Contrast
Creating a new layer and painting on it
Simple tricks for painting with the Brush tool
Distinguishing black from non-black pixels
Moving an image between documents
Expanding the canvas to accommodate a layer
Auto-Select and the Move tool
Employing a clipping mask
Working with Opacity and blend modes
Five ways to duplicate layers
Scale, rotate, and layer mask
Filling a selection with color
06 - Saving Your Progress
The many, many ways to save
Five essential things to know about saving
Saving layers to the native PSD format
Saving a flat print image to TIFF
Saving an interactive image to PNG
Saving a flat photograph to JPEG
07 - Brightness and Contrast
Luminance and its relationship to color
How luminance works
The three Auto commands
Automatic Brightness/Contrast
Custom Brightness/Contrast
Applying a dynamic adjustment layer
Adjustment layer tips and tricks
Isolating an adjustment with a layer mask
Introducing the Histogram
Putting the Histogram to use
Reducing contrast with Shadows/Highlights
08 - Balancing Colors
Color resides in the eyes of the beholder
Identifying the color cast of a photo
Correcting a color cast automatically
Manually adjusting colors with Color Balance
Adjusting a color cast with Photo Filter
Correcting color cast in Camera Raw
Adjusting color intensity with Vibrance
Introducing Hue/Saturation
Using the Targeted Adjustment tool
Summoning colors where none exist
Making even more color with Vibrance
Creating a quick-and-dirty sepiatone
Customizing your own personal color chart
09 - Making Selection
Power of selection in Photoshop
Using the geometric Marquee tools
Painting with the Quick Selection tool
Add, subtract, and intersect selections
Turning a selection into a layer mask
Aligning a layer to a selection
Working with the Magic Wand tool
Saving and loading selections
Refining the quality of a selection
Adding clouds to your composition
Enhancing the drama of your scene
Conquering the Quick Selection tool
Using each of the three Lasso tools
Drawing a freeform shadow with the Lasso
Colorizing a layer with Color Overlay
10 - The Quick Mask Mode
Painting selections
Combining the best of the selection tools
Introducing the Quick Mask mode
The fastest way to save a selection
Gauging the quality of a selection
Painting adjustments with the Brush tool
Adding motion blur with the Smudge tool
Reversing a mask with Invert
Applying a special-effects filter
Smoothing a badly stroked edge
Selecting all the black lines
Expanding and contracting a selection
11 - Retouch and Heal
Your best face forward
Correcting very bad colors
Cloning and Content-Aware
A closer look at Content-Aware cloning
Painting with the Spot Healing Brush
Healing Brush tips and tricks
Shift-clicking to heal in straight lines
Using the standard Healing Brush
Flipping and rotating the source data
Using the Dodge and Burn tools
Whitening teeth with the Sponge tool
Reshaping details with the Liquify filter
Selectively recoloring details
Smoothing skin textures with blur
Nondestructive dodging and burning
12 - Introducing Camera Raw
The most powerful Photoshop plugin
Applying Camera Raw as a filter
The nondestructive Camera Raw
Handling a Camera Raw image in Photoshop
Capturing raw images and converting to DNG
Opening and editing multiple images
Highlights, Shadows, Whites, and Blacks
Clarity and Chromatic Aberration
HSL and the Targeted Adjustment tool
13 - Creating and Formatting Text
Vector-based type in Photoshop
Creating and scaling a line of type
Formatting type from the options bar
Formatting type from the Character panel
Finding the perfect font
Type size and script fonts
Creating and editing paragraph text
Adjusting leading and paragraph spacing
Setting the antialiasing for very small text
Aligning one layer to another
Creating text along a circle
Finding a character with the Glyphs panel
Double-stroking a circle
Creating a distressed cancellation mark
14 - Printing Your Images
Print from RGB, not CMYK
Using my customizable printer test file
Print, size, and position
Using printer-specific options on the PC
Using printer-specific options on the Mac
Brightening your image for print
Description and printing marks
Establishing a borderless bleed
Previewing an image at print size
15 - Creating Web Graphics
Images on the wild wild web
Assigning copyright and contact info
How color works on the web
Introducing the old-school Save for Web
Saving a full-color PNG image
Saving a graphic as an 8-bit GIF or PNG
Using the new Quick Export command
Exporting vector-based layers to SVG
Exporting multiple layers and groups
16 - Conclusion
Until next time
Exercise Files
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