(Andalusian Classical Music, Arabic Classical Music, Compilation) Cheikha Tetma - Musique arabo-andalouse: Ecole de Tlemcen - 1993, mp3 (tracks), V0 (VBR, 223-233 kbps)

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(Andalusian Classical Music, Arabic Classical Music, Compilation) Cheikha Tetma - Musique arabo-andalouse: Ecole de Tlemcen - 1993, mp3 (tracks), V0 (VBR, 223-233 kbps)

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    "Musique arabo-andalouse: Ecole de Tlemcen"
    Cheikha Tetma

    (Fatma Thabet Deraz: 1891 / Tlemcen / Algeria - 22.04.1962 / Tlemcen / Algeria)
    Жанр Arabic Classical Music | Andalusian Classical Music | Compilation
    Издатель Les Artistes Arabes Associés (France) | AAA 067 | 1993
    Аудио mp3 | tracks | V0 (VBR, 223-233 kbps) | cd

    01. Ana Elghrib (06:04)
    02. Lellah Toub (05:26)
    03. Laqitouha Fitawafi (05:20)
    04. Ayit Fi Qalbi (05:15)
    05. Aya Malika Moujati (05:51)
    06. Elachiya (05:59)
    07. Ach Hal Men Ijarra (05:57)
    total / 00:39:49
    Tlemcen-born vocalist Cheikha Tetma (born Fatma Thabet Deraz) was one of the greatest interpreters of Hawfi, a style of song that women traditionally sang while swinging their babies. Whether performing with orchestras led by Omar El-Bekchi or Abdelkrim Dali, or with pianist Djillali Zerrouki, Tetma had a masterful way of phrasing, allowing her vocals to soar with passion. During her later career, Tetma veered toward Andalusian classical music. She moved to the Algerian capital city of Algiers in 1950, remaining active until her death 12 years later.

    As my continuing journey to discover unique, incomparable and otherworldly music progresses amidst a cluster of post-secondary confusion, Cheikha Tetma has been singing through my soul recently.
    She was officially born as Fatma Thabet in Tlemcen, northwestern Algeria during the early 1890's. The first woman to perform the Andalusian style at events in Algeria, Cheikha recorded her first material in 1918. Recited in the lute, violin and kouitra (similar to a shorter-necked oud), Cheikha was a renowned Algerian performer until her death in 1962. Recording material for such labels as Pathe, Odeon and Polyphon, she revolutionized Andalusian music for the future of the Mahgreb, and branded her music with her pronounced cultural heritage. This strange amalgamation of time in her music, both future and past, accentuates her indescribably gorgeous voice.
    Her voice, ahhh, her voice. It's gentle and fragile, but commands her engrossing strings with composure and precision. Her violin sings just as brightly, as epitomized in the standout track "Laqitouha Fitawafi", which gracefully gallops like the most exotic, untamed wild stallion amidst shining desert rays.
    The music contained on this compilation sounds so utterly sophisticated for its time, too, its almost unimaginable that the 78-rpm era in Algeria had such advanced musical structuring. Les Artistes Arabes Associés has been consistently archiving the 78-rpm era of Arabic music for some time, but this particular compilation is something really special. It's light, tender, but extremely resistant. It's sentient, in every sense of the word.
    My personal experience in the beauty of Tetma's music has only grown with repeated listens. It's, perhaps, one of the greatest artifacts of music I've found from North Africa. Both exotic and revolutionary, Cheikha Tetma was not only a master of Andalusian music, but epitomized the very spirit of music itself.
    As the days grow sunnier and the air warmer, this compilation is a fitting soundtrack to the blossoming of spring flowers. Check it out, and allow yourself to become immersed in this otherwordly experience.
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