Calibre 2.22 (Linux) (x86) [The_Doctor-]

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Calibre 2.22 (Linux) (x86) [The_Doctor-]

Сообщение Thelver1947 » 06 апр 2015, 01:51

Version 2.22 (Released 20 March 2015) of Calibre for Linux (x86).

Calibre is a free and open source e-book library management application developed by users of e-books for users of e-books.

Calibre is licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

Official site:

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Changes in 2.22
New Features
    Book List: When editing data in the book list directly, expand the editor widget to use all available width if the data does not fit inside the current column width
    Edit Book: When re-opening a previously edited book, restore all open files and the cursor position. Can be disabled in Preferences->Main Window
    Advanced search builder: Allow using days/weeks/months/years when building a date based search with number of days ago.
    Amazon metadata download: Speedup metadata download from when an ASIN is specified by trying the product page directly first instead of running a search.
    Implement updating metadata in DOCX files
Bug Fixes
    ODT Input: Add support for intra-document cross-references.
    PDF Output: Fix incorrect encoding of ASCII control characters and some Chines characters in metadata and Table of Contents strings.
    Amazon metadata download: Work around amazon server problems where it does not return Kindle Editions in search results when not logged in.
    Fix Manage Authors dialog causing current search in the book list to be cleared.
    Conversion: Fix a regression in 2.21 that caused conversion to fail for books with invalid pseudo-class CSS selectors.
    Content server: Fix OPDS categories not showing books for composite column categories if the column contains a colon.
    Single convert dialog: Only write metadata updates if metadata actually changed. Also show a nicer error message when a file is locked by another process.
    Open With: Fix error when scanning for default programs on windows for some file types
    Edit Book: Fix Preview panel sometimes not working when opening multiple html files one after the other very quickly
Improved news sources
    Wired Daily
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